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  1. School uniform is COMPULSORY, and must be worn as specified at all times when on School Business, unless otherwise specified.
  2. Pupils MUST NOT wear make-up e.g. lipstick, nail varnish, eye liner. Artificial nails and tips are NOT allowed.
  3. NO JEWELLERY: bracelets, chains, rings, large hoops/gaudy earrings MUST NOT be worn to school. Girls with pierced ears MAY ONLY wear ONE PAIR of small bobs or sleepers in the lower ear lobe.
  4. Boys are NOT permitted to wear earrings to school.
  5. Elaborate/unusual hair designs e.g. lines and patterns, pigtails (for young men) ARE NOT PERMITTED. Should these be worn to school, students will be warned to modify them immediately or face disciplinary action.
  6. Only SHORT extensions which match the girls NATURAL hair colour will be permitted. Long extensions or multi-coloured extensions will not be permitted. Girls are discouraged from altering their natural hair colour.
  7. NO HEAD WEAR is permitted while in school uniform
  8. Only small and discreet dark brown, black or navy blue hair decorations MAY BE WORN. No colourful or loud hair ornaments, or extension hairpieces are allowed.
  9. Games uniform MUST be worn ONLY on the school premises.
  10. Students who wear non-regulation school shoes MUST bring a letter. A grace period of ONE week is allowed. They will not be permitted to return to class without a dress excuse.

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