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This is done formally throughout the year, via mid-term report cards, end of term reports and Annual Form Level Meetings. A large measure of continuous assessment is done both in the Junior School and at the CXC level. End of year promotion mark reflects students work during the year and the final examination results.

Reports and Records

Parents and Guardians should receive:-

  1.  A Report at the end of the first seven (7) week session of Term I and Term II.
  2. A Final Report at the end of Term III.

Both documents should be signed by the Parent/Guardian and returned. Parents MUST study these reports and may consult with the Form Teacher, Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal should queries arise from these reports.

NB: These documents are important records of the school and MUST be treated seriously and maintained carefully.


Form Level Meetings are scheduled for each level in the school during the school year. Parents and guardians will be informed by circular of the dates and times of these meetings. At this meetings, parents/guardians have the opportunity to discuss their child's/ward's progress on a one-to-one basis with the subject and form teacher.

In addition, arrangement can also be made to discuss any school-related, academic or social concern with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Head or Guidance Counsellor.

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