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School Hours

School commences at 8:35 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m. There is a fifteen minute break at 11:00 a.m. and a luncheon break at 12:40 p.m. First and Second Form students are dismissed at 12:30 p.m. for lunch.



  1. Any pupil who arrives after the start of the first period MUST report to the Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal. Students WILL NOT be allowed into class without a late slip obtained from the Office.
  2. Any pupil who does not arrive in time for School Assembly is considered late and MUST report to the Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal.
Letter of Explanation


  1. Any pupil who has been absent from School because of illness, family bereavement or inclement weather or for any other reason MUST on his/her return to School bring a letter from the parent/guardian to the Principal stating the reason for the absence before rejoining classes. In cases of prolonged absence from School due to illness, a doctor's certificate is MANDATORY.
  2. A pupil who forgets a letter explaining absence MAY NOT attend classes until he/she has reported to the office, and confirmation of this absence has been obtained from a parent/guardian by telephone. A letter is still required on the following day for the records.
  3. Parents/Guardian MUST send a letter requesting permission for their children/wards to leave school during the course of the school day. Students must obtain the Exit Excuse from the Principal/Deputy Principal when permission is given and must show it to the guard upon leaving school
  4. Written permission MUST be given by parents/guardians before pupils are permitted to go on School Outings and Field Trips.


  1. No pupil is allowed to leave school during the school hours without permission. Any pupil who wishes to leave the premises during the Luncheon Break MUST bring a letter from his/her parent/guardian requesting a Lunch Pass to take lunch elsewhere.


  1. Pupils are expected to attend morning assembly in the Hall or wherever scheduled. Any pupil who wishes to be excused from morning assembly must bring a letter of explanation from his/her parent/guardian requesting permission to be excused. Exemptions are granted on religious grounds ONLY. Students must be present for NOTICES.


  1. If a pupil has been suffering from an infectious or contagious disease or is in contact with such a disease, he/she MUST produce a medical certificate of fitness to return to school.
  2. A pupil may be required to pay for any damage which he/she has done to school property. Deliberate damage or vandalism to school property MUST be paid for by parent/guardian.
  3. Bicycles must not be ridden on the school premises on any occasion. Pupils must mount and dismount at the entrance gates.
  4. Pupils must not loiter at the school gates or sit on the school walls.
  5. No pupil is permitted to bring to school stereo sets, radios, CD players or walkman sets. These will be confiscated if they are found on the premises.
  6. Students SHOULD NOT bring to school electronic devices or toys.
  7. The Pay phone SHOULD NOT be used during class time. No pupil is permitted to bring to school CELLULAR PHONES or BEEPERS.
  8. Students SHOULD not bring to school or view pornographic materials of any sort.
  9. Pupils MUST NOT remain on the corridors after the bell for classes has been rung.
  10. The school authorities WILL NOT be held responsible for pupils who remain on the premises more than one and a half hours after school has been dismissed, except when involved in organised school activities. There is supervision provided during the previously mentioned period on each school day.
  11. No pupil is permitted to bring to school any firearm, firework, or other explosives, illegal drugs, knives or other weapons. Students found with the same will be suspended/expelled.
  12. Parents should not give students large sums of money. Where this is done, the money should be deposited in the school office for safekeeping. The School WILL NOT be held responsible for loss of the same, if it is kept by the student.
  13. Parents should ensure that students uniforms and other property are clearly marked with students names. (Parents should be vigilant enough to return property to school which clearly does not belong to their children). All students are expected to exercise great care in the protection of their personal property.
  14. ALL visitors, including parents/guardians must report to either the Principals or Deputy Principals Office. They are NOT permitted to go directly to classrooms.



At Combermere, the goal of the school rules and general discipline is to help students develop gradually to an orderly, self-disciplined individual. Most students achieve this in our open, non-threatening school climate. For those who do not, the following sanctions are in place.


  1. Prefects Detention
  2. Public and Private Teachers Detention
  3. Corporal Punishment #
  4. Out-of-School Suspension #
  5. In School Suspension#
  6. Expulsion #
    1. Corporal punishment is administered infrequently by the Principal, Deputy Principal and Year Heads.
    2. Students may be detained by teachers in a private or public detention which may take place during or at the end of the school day.

#  Few of you will experience or undergo any of these, since they are applied as a last resort for serious offences or repeated acts.

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