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These sets were established many decades ago to commemorate the memory of and service to Combermere School of a number of outstanding Headmasters, Staff and Combermerians.

They form the basis of much of the leadership training in the school. Prefects who are selected by their sets, help to maintain discipline in the school, organise a variety of Set activities and provide role models for the rest of the school body.

There are six (6) sets ranging from A-F with a teacher in charge. Following is a list of teachers responsible for Sets.

A Ms J. Catwell Dark Blue
B Ms P Prescod Red
C Ms. M Carrington Yellow
D Mr. C Lovell Green
E Mrs. S Annel Maroon
F Mr. N Vaughan Sky Blue

Students are placed in these Sets during the first term, by the Physical Education Department. Healthy rivalry exists among the Sets as many inter-set and intra-set competitions are organized.


Pupils are expected to wear House Pins. These can be purchased from Set Leaders at a cost of $5.00.

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